How to recognise malware


What is malware?

Malicious software or malware is used by criminals to gain unnoticed access to your computer. This type of software installs itself on your computer when you click on an attachment in a fake email, visit an unreliable website, or use an infected USB flash drive.

Characteristics of malicious software

Your computer is much slower than usual. Or you receive a lot of unwanted pop-ups with advertisements.

  • Do not use this computer for online transactions or to log in to My ICS Business.
  • Have your computer checked by a company that understands computer security. In the meantime, make online transactions and log in to My ICS Business on another computer.
  • The Fraude Help Desk (Fraudehelpdesk) is a foundation that works with the police and the Public Prosecution Service. They are there for all your questions and reports about fraud.

You will receive pop-ups asking for your credit card details.

  • Do not fill in anything. Contact the Business Card Service Desk immediately.

Your computer is blocked: you have to pay to unblock it.

  • Never pay. Take your computer to a specialist to have it cleaned.
Don't accept unsolicited offers from people to clean your computer in exchange for payment. Always take the initiative yourself.