Tips to protect your Card


Of course, we will do everything we can to make sure that you can pay safely with your ICS Card. There is also a lot you can do to prevent abuse, with these tips.

Keep your Card and PIN safe

  • Make sure that you can always see your Card when paying. Do not give your Card to an employee of a shop or restaurant.
  • Never lend your Card to someone else.
  • Keep your PIN secret and never give it to someone else.
  • Choose a secure PIN
    • Don't use your postcode or date of birth
    • Don't use the same PIN as your bank card.
  • Shield your PIN when making a payment.
  • Do not keep the PIN with your credit card.
  • Store your Card in a safe place immediately after use.
    • Don't put it in your trouser or jacket pocket.
    • Don't put it in an unattended bag (such as a backpack or bicycle bag)
    • Don't put it in a (locked) car
    • Don't leave it in your hotel room
    • Don't leave it in places where others can walk in and out (workplace, changing room).
  • Check regularly whether you still have your Card.
  • If you use your Card, check that you get your own Card back.
  • Received a new Card? Log in to My ICS Business immediately and check your statement.

Withdrawing money at an ATM

  • Only withdraw money from an ATM when you feel safe and are not distracted.
  • Do not allow others to watch you withdraw money at an ATM. Shield the machine and hold your hand over the hand you use to enter the PIN.
  • A common form of fraud (especially abroad) is when someone comes to help you when an error message appears on the ATM screen. The person helping you then tells you what to do. Before you realise it, your credit card has been removed from the machine and the fraudster knows your PIN.
  • Check whether the front of the cash machine matches the image on the screen. Does it not look the same? Do not use the machine and call the bank whose ATM it is. The number is usually written on it.
  • Have you withdrawn money from an ATM, but the machine will not give you your money? Then contact the bank and warn the police. If others want to help you: do not respond. If necessary, call the Business Card Service Desk to have your Card blocked.
  • Check if the amount to be paid shown on the terminal in a shop is correct. Do you need to sign? Then also check whether the amount on the receipt (which you need to sign) is correct.
  • Take the receipt with you and keep it for your own records. This way you will always have proof when too much is debited.

Safe use of smartwatch and digital credit card

  • Choice of PIN for smartwatch. Transactions with your digital credit card are approved with the PIN of your smartwatch and not with the PIN of your plastic credit card. We therefore advise you to choose a PIN for your smartwatch that you can easily remember, but others cannot guess. For example, do not use your postcode, date of birth or part of your telephone number and do not choose the same PIN as for your bank card or physical credit card. Also avoid a series of ascending digits such as 1,2,3,4, or a series of the same digits such as 0,0,0,0.
  • Using your PIN when making payments via smartwatch. Enter the PIN of your smartwatch to activate the payment option. Now you can make secure payments with your digital credit card without entering the PIN again. Unless you take off your smartwatch or 24 hours have passed. Then you have to activate the payment option again by entering your PIN.
  • No maximum amount for payments via smartwatch. Contactless payments with your bank card or credit card are usually limited to €50 for contactless payments without a PIN. This limitation does not apply to payments with your digital credit card via your smartwatch. You can pay as much as your spending limit allows. To be able to pay via your smartwatch, you must always activate the payment option first with the PIN you chose for your smartwatch. This payment option remains active until you remove your smartwatch from your wrist or after 24 hours have passed.
  • What do I do if my smartwatch is lost/stolen? Please be reassured, the payment option on your smartwatch does not work when the watch is not on your wrist. If you lose your smartwatch or if it is stolen, immediately remove your digital credit card from the app for your smartwatch and report the loss/theft to ICS.