Preventing identity fraud


With your personal details, someone could try to make payments in your name for example. Fortunately, you can prevent this with the following tips.

Tips to prevent identity fraud

  • ICS Card lost or stolen?
    Always call the Business Card Service Desk, Loss and Theft Department immediately: 020 - 6 600 699. This number is available 24 hours a day. (Tip: save it on your phone).
  • Check your transactions in My ICS Business regularly. Is something wrong? Report it immediately.
  • Have you lost your passport or identity card, or has it been stolen? Report this immediately to the police.
  • Make sure that nobody can take your mail out of your letterbox. Close your letterbox properly. Are you away from home for a while? Then make sure that your letterbox is emptied.
  • If important mail does not arrive (such as credit cards, security codes, account statements or salary or benefit statements), report this to us, your bank, or the postal service.
  • Always report the loss or theft of bank cards to your bank immediately.

Always mark a copy of your passport

Be careful with (copies) of your identity documents, bank statements, or pay slips. Never give them to strangers and be critical about which organisations you give them to.
Do you have to hand in a copy? Then write across the copy with a pen or marker: for whom it is intended, on which date it was issued and to which authority or person.

Never send in your credit card

Fraudsters can ask you in an email, by telephone or by text message to send in your credit card. For example, because a new card is available. These emails or messages will also ask for your PIN. These are fake emails. Never respond to them. Click here for examples of fake emails that are circulating at the moment.

Throwing away your card

This is how you invalidate your Card:

  • Always cut the chip
  • Also cut the magnetic strip

Do you have doubts about whether a message is really from ICS? Please contact the Business Card Service Desk.