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Dispute a transaction

What if you don't agree with a transaction done with your credit card? Then you can dispute that transaction. Always contact the merchant first. Try to come to a solution together. We will ask you for supporting documents. If you can't work it out with the merchant or you haven't received a reaction within 7 days, please let us know using one of the forms below. We will investigate your dispute and try to get your money back.

When can I submit a dispute?

  1. Send us your dispute as soon as possible after you have received your monthly statement. This ensures that we will be able to process your dispute. Don't wait to take action!
  2. Gather supporting documents that show you were not able to work it out with the merchant. For example, an email or letter you have sent or received.
  3. You have not worked it out together, so you will fill in the dispute form. Send us the form with the supporting documents.


Download dispute form


Please send the form to ICS

Gather all documents and send them to us. Unfortunately, we are unable to process incomplete and illegible documents. Therefore, please double-check if you have completed the form. Also make sure you have attached the documents that show you have contacted the merchant and that they are clearly legible.

Send all required documents in pdf attached to an email to chargeback@icscards.nl. Put your ICS customer number and/or the reference number of the letter or email you have received in the subject line. Without these details we will not be able to process your dispute.

Disputes that are submitted digitally are processed most quickly. Of course, it is also possible to use our postal address:
International Card Services BV
FAO Chargeback
PO Box 23225
1100 DS Diemen
The Netherlands

What happens after you have sent us the dispute?

  • After we receive your dispute, we will assess it. Is it complete and justified? If so, we will credit the amount of the transaction to your credit card.
  • To settle the dispute, we will contact the merchant's acquiring bank.
  • As soon as we have a reaction from the bank, we will ask you to respond to their reaction. We need your response to complete the dispute process. Please note that you are not 'done' yet if you have only sent us the required documents.